The first in a powerful workshop series through the dark half of the year

Are you ready to heal yourself and free yourself from your ancestral wounding ?

To extend your tools of alchemy and reveal your starcode potentiality ?

Unlock secrets from your ancestral past ?

These workshops are aligned astrologically and with the Mayan Calendar

They are powerful as they link in to conscious patterns 

The dark half of the year is designed for going within 
Setting a powerful intention for the Spring Equinox and working with that each month 

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Synergy Aromatherapy full body massage 

Specially tailored for a healing amazing experience

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Book a block of energy coaching sessions

90 mins 

on Skype or recorded on Zoom 

Follow up email

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Emotional Workshop 

Each workshop had an ebook explaining the emotional mind 


This will cover topics such as:

What triggers are ~ what my personal triggers are
What to do when I get emotionally triggered

What coping mechanisms are for ~ what my personal coping mechanisms are 
How to understand them ~ how to work with them ~ how to gently release them in my own time frame

What emotional patterns are

What projections are

How to recognise them

How to work with my emotional patterns and projections

Simple everyday techniques

More advanced techniques

How to come into balance with all my emotions
How to feel safe feeling my emotions

How to be guided by my emotional sat nav on my journey through life

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Are you ready to see more patterns revealed and understand your creation codes and grand designs? 

Lots of ways to do this:

You can look at your 4 Castles

See the structure of your life up to now so you can have more conscious awareness of what each Mayan Wavespell brings for you each time it comes around.

Want to know what your Burner Days are ?

These are powerful days that come around every 65 days . Knowing this information can assist in what you are consciously creating in your goals and intentions

These are just examples ~ let me know what you want to focus on and I will tailor make it for you

90 Minutes of Zoom ~ a software like Skype ~ we can chat and if you wish it can be recorded for you to continually refer to. 

I will also send you Insights by email.

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90 minutes of Zoom connection with me to connect and chat

about what your Astrology and Mayan Sign Codes have in store for you this year.


Zoom is software similar to Skype. It is free.

This is recorded . I will send you a link to a video on my Droplr account that you can watch as and when you choose and refer back to.

If you wish this can include some EFT on current issues coming up for you.

Ideally book this close to or on your birthday .

You will also be sent an email with insights from the session and more current articles and resources. 

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90 minutes of energy coaching on Skype or phone with email 

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A laminated 6 x A 4 Calendar I have made.

This is to cover materials only.

If you wish to have it posted please contact me for postage details .


This is the process of human evolution.

For each year you are in this process you are connecting with universal energy.

The intuitive insights you receive are directly in alignment with the 13 tones.

Year 1 ~ Initiation ~ what the Great Mother is bringing us for our evolution ~ Area 1 to 4

Year 2 ~ New learning ~ coming into relationship with our own Mystery to access The Mystery ~ Area 5 to 8

Year 3 ~ Co Creation ~ connecting with the universe on a deeper level letting go of old co dependent code ~ Area 9 to 12

Year 4 ~ Structure ~ the codes of the calendar revealed ~ Area 10 to 13

Year 5 ~ The heart of the matter ~ Area 14 to 17

Year 6 ~ Balance ~ Area 18 to 20 

Year 7 ~ The Mystic

Year 8 ~ Integrate ~ Total integration with the grid

Year 9 ~ Completion ~ going through the Gateway

Year 10 ~ Manifestation ~ The codes of creation 

Year 11 ~ Letting go of what is no longer serving

Year 12 ~ The crystal complex structure

Year 13 ~ The shift ~ Cosmic Movement


It is an amazing process of human evolution.

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The first ebook in a series . This launches a guide for the soul seeker on their journey looking for cosmic clues and cookie trails . There are specific Astrology structures to look at and timely transits . There are keys to unlock alchemy gateways. This is focused on knowing thyself and the understanding that all that we seek is within us. There are links to other websites across the galactic board of time and space that give a bigger picture perspective at this Aquarius time 

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A deposit to secure your place at a workshop 

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Please make a donation if you feel my blog is of value. This allows me to assist more people who do not have the financial resources to pay for their therapy. Thank you

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Ideal for workshops

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 90 minutes individual session on the phone/skype with

email and assignments

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Thank you for your donation ~ I really appreciate it :-) 

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